{DIY} Stanley Side Table

I found this vintage Stanley Side Table on Craigslist......
where all great things are found!

But it needed some work.
3 of the 4 corners were completely annihilated, 
which meant a fair amount of wood filler would be needed
Did I mention I've never used wood filler before?
I painted the side table in ASCP Pure White
The table did not come with any hardware (which is a blessing and a curse)
so I choose hardware to match our DIY entertainment center  
which you can view here

After I put the drawer pull on....I was not in love. 
I actually didn't like it at all.

So I exchanged the clear hardware for a black drawer pull
I'm still undecided if I like this hardware 
better, worse or the same as the clear one
But for now.....it will do.
Stephen spray painted the inside drawer in our favorite Krylon Black Satin
I also wanted to show you how the wood filler corners turned out.
Definitely not perfect by any means.......
but the hubby and I say imperfections just give our pieces more "character"
b/c really.....what in life is perfect?
So there he is folks in all his glory....
Mr. Stanley....our new side table!
So what are your thoughts on the new hardware?
Black or Clear
Let me know....I still have time to exchange! lol

Happy Almost Turkey Day

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