{DIY} Anthropologie Snow Globe

First....let me start this post with my sincerest apologies.
I have been absent, but for good reason!

I just graduated with my Masters in Marketing and JUST finished my thesis
I feel like there is an anvil lifted off my shoulders and I can now start lookin for 
a good ol' J-O-B!

Now....back to your regularly scheduled DIY's!
I remember seeing these cute mason jar snow globes from Anthropologie
and then cringing when I saw the hefty price tag
I immediately thought.....I can make that!
//And so can you!//

I gathered all of the necessary materials....
Mason Jars - thrifted
Small Ornaments - Walmart
Krazy Glue - Walmart (but I do not recommend this glue....it stinks)
Fake Snow Flurries - Michaels
Bottle Brush Tree Pack/Assorted Sizes - Michaels
Salt Shakers (not shown) - Walmart
Small Toy Deer - Michaels
First I spray painted my toy deer all white
I used WAYYYYYY too much spray paint b/c I was in a rush 
and it took the deer forever to dry....
which actually made the process even longer (Oy Vey)
I then glued the trees and deer to the bottom lids of each mason jar with the Krazy Craft Glue
which I will state again was AWFUL.  It didn't stick very well, if at all.
I ended up using my glue gun and I had much better results.
I added the snow flurries, positioned the lid and......
For the salt shakers I actually didn't glue anything
I just placed in a little bit of snow
Popped the top off of a small ornament 
Popped the bottom off of a small bottle brush tree
and inserted the tree VERY carefully into the ornament
I attempted to glue the tree to the ornament, but darn that glue!  It didn't stick
I believe it would work with the hot glue gun, 
but I was rushed so I have yet to try this.

I couldn't resist showing the back of this snow globe.....
the tree was a little too big and got slightly smooshed in the glass
Hopefully our guests don't look at the back of our snow globes!

I think they turned out quite nice...
and best of all they put me in the holiday spirit!
even though it doesn't take much

Although I was MIA I did manage to get some more cool DIY's in
Some turned out wonderfully 
and some did NOT ha!  
But I will share both the triumphs and failed attempts so be on the look out
Happy Hump Day (yea I just said that....and it felt weird)

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  1. Congrats on completing your masters. I just finished mine as well. I am glad to be done.