{Interior} Peculiar Planters

I believe plants can bring life to one's home.  I, however, have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to keeping any plant alive.....enter the succulent plant.

Succulents have to be the easiest plants to care for.  They require a minimum amount of sunlight, a minimum amount of watering and an overall minimum amount of care (my kinda plant).

A little while back I bought a set of 6 succulents from Home Depot to make a book plant - but this left me with 5 extra succulents to find homes for.  Wanting to keep away from traditional planters, I instead opted to place these plants in items like...

milk glass containers

a creamer and sugar bowl from a vintage tea serving set

milk glass containers in wall shadow boxes, and

a book plant!

This is the second book plant I've made, and I have to say I haven't quite mastered it yet (the first plant died).  Soon I will post a DIY on how to make the book plant - and hopefully by then I'll have all the kinks worked out. 

How do you bring life to your home?

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